What to Watch for in Tonight’s Election

There’s been a lot of talk about what to look for tonight as the first results come in. Here’s the full breakdown of what you need to know. This is a map of how states are expected to vote based on polling and early voting/ mail-in voting returns. The grey states are swing states thatContinue reading “What to Watch for in Tonight’s Election”

Biden’s NOT Campaigning Like He’s 10% Ahead

I was just recently looking through 538 which is a website similar to real clear politics. They upload all of the recent polling data from almost every pollster out there, and it is controlled by Nate Silver who is supposed to be a statistics expert. He’s made several election predictions this cycle, and right nowContinue reading “Biden’s NOT Campaigning Like He’s 10% Ahead”

It’s Official, The Polling is Worse than in 2016

A few days ago a YouGov poll came out showing Trump Trailing Biden by 10%. It had Biden at 52% and Trump at 42%. At first I was surprised because YouGov was actually one of the few pollsters that was pretty close to predicting the popular vote in 2016. Their poll was only 2% offContinue reading “It’s Official, The Polling is Worse than in 2016”

Biden’s DNC Speech: Better than Expected

I have to give Biden credit where credit is due. He did a pretty good job at his acceptance speech last night. He didn’t make any gaffes like he has been making, and he was pretty compelling to watch. If you were a person who only watches CNN and Good Morning America his words wouldContinue reading “Biden’s DNC Speech: Better than Expected”

Could Trump have a Landslide Victory?

A few days ago the Washington Post had a news article out bragging about Trump being down in the polls. On CNN, MSNBC, and other news stations they also have the same story to tell. Headlines are popping up that say “Biden has a clear lead over Trump” and “Biden leads Trump in 5 ofContinue reading “Could Trump have a Landslide Victory?”

The Enthusiasm Gap is Real

Just the other day, I realized something. I haven’t seen a single Biden sign around my town. I hadn’t seen a Biden yard sign, bumper sticker, flag, or t-shirt. If you didn’t know any better, you would think that Trump was running unopposed in the general election. I live in a pretty red state, butContinue reading “The Enthusiasm Gap is Real”

Doctors Fired and Suppressed for Promoting Hydroxychloroquine

Imagine if a group of board-certified doctors got together to talk about a possible solution to a global pandemic. These aren’t doctors working as executives at the CDC. These are doctors who are seeing patients right now and working on the front lines every day. At this meeting, they speak about a drug that hasContinue reading “Doctors Fired and Suppressed for Promoting Hydroxychloroquine”

Hydroxychloroquine Works and Government Ignores It

Several studies have been done showing that the use of Hydroxychloroquine actually was effective in treating people with the coronavirus. Just take a look at this study published by Henry Ford Health System. They studied six hospitals and 2,541 patients with coronavirus from March 10 to May 2. They found that only 13% of allContinue reading “Hydroxychloroquine Works and Government Ignores It”

Black Lives Matter is a Radical and Violent Organization

Don’t fall for the media’s lies when you hear that BLM is a peaceful movement fighting for an end to police brutality. Black lives matter is a far-left anti-American movement meant to destroy our culture. If you only listen to what you hear on social media, then you aren’t getting the full truth, and youContinue reading “Black Lives Matter is a Radical and Violent Organization”