What to Watch for in Tonight’s Election

There’s been a lot of talk about what to look for tonight as the first results come in. Here’s the full breakdown of what you need to know. This is a map of how states are expected to vote based on polling and early voting/ mail-in voting returns. The grey states are swing states that could go to either Trump or Biden.

First, Trump has to win Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, and the second congressional districts of Maine and Nebraska. This is Trump’s 260 firewall that he has to reach. He can’t win without these.

  • Around 7 pm ET: Votes will start to be counted in Georgia, Florida, Virginia, and New Hampshire. If Georgia and Florida are already looking close that early, it’s probably going to be a bad night for Trump. If Trump takes a clear lead in Georgia and Florida is neck and neck, then Trump might still win. Also, if Trump is neck and neck with Biden in New Hampshire, there is still a good chance that Trump could win.
  • By 8:30 pm ET: Votes should start to be counted in Ohio, North Carolina, and the panhandle of Florida. If Trump has a nice lead in Ohio and North Carolina, he’s still in the race. Also, by this point, Florida should be close to being called. If Biden wins Florida, Trump has basically lost the election. If Trump wins Florida, he’s still in the game. Also, the rustbelt states of Pennsylvania and Michigan should start to report results. Watch them closely.
  • At 9 pm ET: Results will start coming in from Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the last parts of Texas. By this point, if Trump has won Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Ohio (or is at least leading in these states) he could still win. Also, If Trump is neck and neck with Biden in Pennsylvania and Michigan, he has a shot at winning. However, if Biden is leading these two states by large margins, chances are Biden has won the election.
  • By 10 pm ET: By this time, we should know who’s going to win. At the very least, we should know who’s leading in the swing states. By this point, if Trump was able to hold onto his 260 firewall and pick off one of the rustbelt states, he will probably win. If he has been unsuccessful in doing this, Biden will have the victory.

This is going to be a night to remember no matter who wins. The winner of this race will decide the fate of our nation. This election determines whether we remain a country of personal freedoms and small government, or whether we will morph into a socialist nation. If you haven’t voted, get out and vote. This is how we fight back, and this is how we win.

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