Biden’s DNC Speech: Better than Expected

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I have to give Biden credit where credit is due. He did a pretty good job at his acceptance speech last night. He didn’t make any gaffes like he has been making, and he was pretty compelling to watch. If you were a person who only watches CNN and Good Morning America his words would really hit you hard. He compared Trump to a cloak of darkness and blamed him for the virus, the economic recession, and racial tensions. He painted Trump as an evil demon who is the cause of every problem in the world. He then said that “I will be an ally of the light, not the dark”. The main point of his speech was that he is a caring and compassionate person who will restore decency and honor in the white house.

Like I said, his speech was actually the best I’ve seen from him, and it definitely fired up the democrat base. However, there’s one issue with it. A caring and compassionate leader isn’t necessarily what most Americans care about right now.

We’ve seen massive riots over the past year. We’ve seen democrat leaders in major cities allow violent rioters to do whatever they want. Democrat leaders have allowed looters and domestic terrorists to rob businesses, destroy statues, terrorize citizens, vandalize and burn federal buildings, beat people unconscious in the streets, and even kill people. Democrat leaders like Jerry Nadler from New York have called the riots a myth. In Seattle earlier this year, Antifa took over a portion of the city and declared it an autonomous zone. The Democrat mayor of Seattle responded by saying, “I don’t know. We could have a summer of love.” A few days later, two people got shot, and one was killed. Democrats have allowed almost every major city in this country to go up in flames. Have we heard anything about the riots at the Democrat National Convention? No.

Joe Biden and all of the other speakers never mentioned the riots. They completely ignored them, and they’ve caved in to the radical leftist wing of their party. In fact, their only response to the riots has been to defund the police. Smart.

Let’s ask a series of logical questions. Imagine that you’re a voter living in a big city. You have seen rioters burning businesses, crime rising, people killed, and massive numbers of people fleeing the city. You’ve seen businesses closing down because they’re afraid of violent mobs and because governors have everyone on lockdown orders for the virus. If you live in one of these big cities are you going to vote for the candidate that wants to defund the police department or will you vote for the candidate that says they support law and order? Will you vote for the candidate that will be caring and restore decency to the White House (Biden)? Or, will you vote for the candidate that says they will put an end to the violence (Trump)?

Trump may be mean and rough around the edges sometimes, but I have a feeling most people don’t care about that at this point. If you see mobs out in the street, you’re probably going to vote for the person who will end it. Not for the democrat party who refuses to even acknowledge it. Whether you like Trump personally or not, he has a plan for this country, and he really does care about everyday Americans.

At this point, Democrats have shot themselves in the foot, and I don’t think that being a caring person means that much anymore. People will vote for a candidate that makes their lives better and safer. Having a president who is caring is an issue on the back burner right now. I might be wrong, but I don’t think this was a message that will play well with independent voters this fall. Especially those living in Democrat controlled cities.

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