Could Trump have a Landslide Victory?

A few days ago the Washington Post had a news article out bragging about Trump being down in the polls. On CNN, MSNBC, and other news stations they also have the same story to tell. Headlines are popping up that say “Biden has a clear lead over Trump” and “Biden leads Trump in 5 of 6 Battle Ground States”. Of course, the media will spin every story in a way that looks bad for Trump. But, there is a very real chance that Trump could win this election in a Reagan style landslide, and there are several reasons why.

First, Trump is actually doing better in the polls than what many people think. During the height of the pandemic and protest back in the early summer his numbers in the polls were beginning to sag. However, that trend has started to reverse. Just recently Trump has seen a boost in the polls in key states like North Carolina, Minnesota, and the Rustbelt. Also, he’s doing much better with independent voters. There was a YouGov poll conducted in Michigan, and it showed that Trump was leading with independent voters by 42% to 37% against Joe Biden. Trump’s also been polling better with independents in states like North Carolina. An Emerson poll there showed that Trump was leading with independent voters by 52% to 42% against Biden. Trump is also leading with independent voters on the national level according to YouGov. That’s incredibly good for Trump, and it means that he still has a chance to win the election.

The other reason why Trump could when in a landslide is because of Joe Biden. In case you haven’t noticed recently, Biden hasn’t been on top of his game. He’s consistently made odd, bizarre gaffes for the past year, and when he’s asked a question it’s like he can’t even form a complete sentence. Many people are speculating that he’s in the early stages of dementia, and to be honest, it’s a believable theory. Just watch this video if you want to see what I’m talking about.

Another reason why Trump could win big is Kamala Harris. Polls have shown that the majority of Americans don’t think Biden would finish his first term if he’s elected, so Kamala is a major figure in this race. Polls have also shown that Kamala, who would replace Biden, is not a very likable figure by most Americans. Excluding the fact that she basically called Biden a racist on national TV in the Democrat debates last year, she has a long history of flip-flopping on issues. She doesn’t excite the far-left or black voters in the democrat party, so it’s really shocking that Biden would choose her to be his VP pick.

However, the main reason why I think Trump could win in a landslide is that Biden is a candidate that has no real policy plans or support. The democrat party is completely fractured between the far left and establishment wings. They have pushed moderate voters away, and have been hijacked by socialists that want to tear down the entire system. Right now the only thing that unifies the democrat party is their hatred for Trump. That’s what Biden is running on. Not on ideas to make this country better. Not on policy changes that will improve our lives. He’s hoping that if the media continues to slander Trump day after day then maybe enough people will vote for him because they hate Trump. Polling has shown that half of Biden voters are only saying they will vote for him to oppose Trump.

Trump derangement Syndrome and the “Orange Man Bad” narrative is all the Democrats have to run on.

Lots of republicans and independents didn’t like Obama. Hatred for Obama didn’t cause voters to run out and vote for Romney. Lots of Democrats and independents hated Bush. Hatred for Bush didn’t cause voters to run out and vote for Kerry. In fact, both Kerry and Romney lost. It shouldn’t be a surprise, but chances are that hatred for Trump won’t cause voters to run out and vote for Biden either.

Of course, a lot could still happen between now and election day, and I’m not saying that Trump will for sure win in a landslide. What I am saying is don’t count it out as a possibility. 2020 has been a crazy year and anything could happen.

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