Why I will Never Vote Democrat

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If you are a liberal reading this please don’t get offended and stop reading. I don’t mean to trigger anyone, and I’m not trying to be offensive. I have a few reasons why I will never vote democrat, and I hope you’ll have an open mind to them.

First, democrats in major cities have done nothing to stop the violent riots and looters. Just take for example Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. After months of violence, riots, fires, property damage, and attacks on police officers this was his response. “My main concern is this: that the continuing violence will lead to further injuries or even deaths. Nobody in Portland wants to see that happen. That is why I put into place restrictions on the Portland Police Bureau, limiting the use of CS gas and LRAD to only life safety situations.” He didn’t even care about protecting the citizens and police being attacked and harassed. He instead tried to limit the police and protect the violent anarchist. I’m no genius, but if rioters think they can get away with more then they will do more harm. What the mayor did only emboldens these anarchists. (For more on the Portland Mayor click here). More recently, he came out with a statement urging all the rioters to stop because their violence in only helping Trump and his re-election campaign. Once again, he doesn’t want the rioters to stop because they’ve caused millions of dollars in damages or because they’ve injured and maimed people. He wants them to stop because it’s helping Trump. The Seattle Mayor has also been just as incompetent with the rioters. In June an entire area of the city was taken over by Antifa and far-left radicals. They named the area CHAZ and were declaring it an autonomous zone separate from the state. They kicked people out of there homes and businesses that were in their zone. They also vandalized buildings, and there were reports of violence in the area. The Democrat mayor’s response to CHAZ was, “I don’t know. We could have a summer of love”. She was completely wrong. Later that month, two teenagers were shot and one died in CHAZ. This is why I will never trust a Democrat to have my personal safety in mind.

Second, Democrats have been complete hypocrites about the virus and cost people their lives. In LA, the mayor just recently announced that any business or household holding large gatherings would have their water and electricity shut off. Of course, they wouldn’t dare cut off the water and electricity of BLM protesters even though they were holding large gatherings in the middle of May and June. The mayor is only targeting small businesses, churches, and families who just want to get back to their normal lives, even if they’re following social distancing protocol. The New York Mayor also embraced BLM protesters while at the same time tried to stop churches, synagogues, and businesses from gathering. Barack Obama also criticized Trump for not taking the virus seriously enough. Then he gave the eulogy for John Lewis’s funeral. If you noticed at his funeral, no one was six feet apart. But don’t worry. You won’t hear about that on the news. What’s even more infuriating is what Governor Cuomo did in New York. On March 25 Cuomo ordered all of the nursing home patients infected with the virus to be sent back to the nursing homes. His reasoning was that the hospitals were being overwhelmed. This resulted in 6,000 nursing home residents dying from the virus. Not all 6,000 of those deaths were directly caused by Cuomo’s order, but a large chunk of them were. Cuomo knew that sending infected patients back into nursing homes would result in more deaths, and he didn’t care. He sent the virus to the elderly who can’t fight it off. He’s responsible for the deaths of hundreds of elderly nursing home residents, and all the media wants to do is complain about Trump.

Lastly, democrats want to erase our history and culture. Over the past few months, they’ve tried to kill our patriotism. They’ve said that our country was built on nothing more than racism and white supremacy. They have protested national monuments like Mount Rushmore, and they have attacked American figures like George Washington. They have no limits. They have and will attack anything that stands in the way of their political agenda.

At this point, I’m tired of ranting about Democrats but just know this. A vote for a Democrat is a vote to fundamentally change this country and not in a good way. The Democrat party has been hijacked by far-left extremist and everybody needs to realize that. If you are a liberal you need to realize that the Democrat party is not the same party it was ten years ago. They don’t care about the average American. They care about their own power and political agenda.

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