The Enthusiasm Gap is Real

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Just the other day, I realized something. I haven’t seen a single Biden sign around my town. I hadn’t seen a Biden yard sign, bumper sticker, flag, or t-shirt. If you didn’t know any better, you would think that Trump was running unopposed in the general election. I live in a pretty red state, but even in 2016, I remembered seeing quite a few Hillary yard signs.

Of course, everyday polls are on the news that shows Biden in the lead by nearly 10 points, and to be honest, for a little while I was starting to believe them. However, it seems like there’s no enthusiasm for Biden on the ground at all. It doesn’t matter where I’ve been. I just haven’t seen any support for Biden.

Even the polls show an enthusiasm gap between Biden and Trump. A YouGov poll from a few days ago showed that 84% of Trump voters were voting for him because they support him, and 14% of Trump voters were just voting against Biden. However, the story was different for Biden. It showed that only 46% of Biden voters were voting for him because they support him, while 56% of Biden voters were just voting for him to vote against Trump.

That’s crazy. That means that over half of Biden’s base doesn’t even support him. They just say they will vote for him because they hate Trump. Every mainstream news outlet should be shocked by this, but they’re not. They just keep acting like everything is going great for Biden. They have continually ignored his lack of true support and enthusiasm on the ground just like they’ve ignored his constant gaffes and word salad.

However, the other thing I’ve noticed is a very silent Trump base. Once again, I live in a red state, but at the same time, I see Trump supporters who are afraid to vocalize their support for the president. There are fewer Trump yard signs and bumper stickers than there were in 2016. After watching half the country go up in riots, conservatives are really scared. They’re scared for the future of this country, but they’re also scared on a personal level. Most conservatives and moderates for that matter are terrified of losing their jobs, family members, or friends over their political views. Many people are even afraid of getting shot at or having their car windows bashed in for having a Trump bumper sticker or yard sign out.

I don’t know what this means for the elections this fall. It could be that republicans are demoralized and democrats are fired up to vote against Trump. After all, there are a lot of people in this country that would vote for a bologna sandwich if they thought it might beat Trump. If you think that Trump will win this election with no problem then your dead wrong. Don’t underestimate the amount of people who hate Trump with all their being. The media’s been spreading the “orange man bad” narrative for long enough to do a lot of damage.

However, it could mean that Trump supporters vote in massive numbers and the anti-Trump Democrats don’t show up to vote for Biden. I can say this. The riots in major cities definitely haven’t helped the Democrat party. If anything the Democrats have helped Trump by refusing to stop the violence. Also, millions of Republicans have voted for Trump in the Republican primary this year even though his running basically unopposed. Trump was also leading with independent voters in the latest YouGov poll by 45% to 36% against Joe Biden. If that’s not enough, Republicans have been registering new voters in record numbers in places like Pennsylvania.

With Trump’s base fired up and half of Biden voters not even fully supporting him, this could be a recipe for 2016 all over again, but this won’t just magically happen. You have to get out and vote, so vote for Trump this November!

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