Hydroxychloroquine Works and Government Ignores It

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Several studies have been done showing that the use of Hydroxychloroquine actually was effective in treating people with the coronavirus. Just take a look at this study published by Henry Ford Health System. They studied six hospitals and 2,541 patients with coronavirus from March 10 to May 2. They found that only 13% of all corona patients treated with hydroxychloroquine died. About 26.4% of corona patients not treated with hydroxychloroquine died. That is a 13% difference in the number of people who survived. But, lets put it in other words. That means that about half of the people who would have died from the virus without hydroxychloroquine survived. That’s incredible. Sometimes, we can get caught up in the numbers, but we have to remember that those patients are real people. Hydroxychloroquine was able to save about half of all the people that would have died from this virus. That means that more moms and dads get to leave the hospital alive and see their children. That means that more elderly Americans get to go home to see their friends and families another day. But, this isn’t the only study that showed this. There are many more and I have included one more if you want to see it for yourself.

A July 2020 Study

It’s not just the studies that prove hydroxychloroquine works. It’s the doctors too. A poll in March shows that 37% of all doctors rated hydroxychloroquine as the most effective treatment for corona. The poll also showed that 33% of all doctors were prescribing it as a treatment and 41% of them were prescribing Azythromicin, another experimental drug.

But wait…… There’s more

The poll also found that about 83% of all independent pharmacists said that they would be comfortable dispensing Hydroxychloroquine if “the patient has tested positive ….. and is under a doctor’s care.” (to see the poll click here)

You would think after all of this that maybe the CDC and media might be promoting this drug as a possible treatment. After all, you have a third of all doctors saying that it’s the most effective treatment and the vast majority of independent pharmacists saying that they would dispense it. Studies are even showing that it might be effective.

But……….. It all changed after Donald Trump said these Magic Words

“It’s (Hydroxychloroquine) been out there for a long time. What do you have to lose? I hope they use it. I may take it. I have to ask my doctors”

Almost immediately, every media outlet in the U.S. went into a frenzy. The next day, the first headlines on TV were lists of all the terrible side effects of Hydroxychloroquine. They got every “expert” they could to trash the drug, and say that it’s not been proven to be an effective treatment. Never mind the fact that Hydroxychloroquine has been used to treat malaria and lupus for the past 70 years. Never mind the fact that EVERY SINGLE DRUG can have bad side effects. (Example: did you know that Motrin can cause a rupture in the wall of the stomach or intestines, a heart attack, etc.) Never mind the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are dying from this disease, and there is no vaccination or a known cure. The media was willing to bash a possible treatment because the “Orange Man” said that it should be used. It didn’t matter to them that thousands of people were dying. They turned hydroxychloroquine into a political matter just because Trump mentioned it.

Soon after, many Democrat governors started restricting doctors from prescribing it to corona patients. In Nevada after Trump backed the drug, the democrat governor banned the prescription of it for COVID patients, unless the patient was in the hospital or ER. In other words, he stopped doctors from using the drug when the patient was first showing symptoms. Instead, the doctors had to wait until their patients were deathly sick in the hospital to start treatments with it. Smart.

Why would leaders want to keep a possible treatment from being used?

On one hand, I personally think that most of the governors and local leaders who are against hydroxychloroquine are just doing so because they either hate Trump, or they’re just following the “experts” like Fauci. But what about people like Fauci. Why would they push for a vaccination that won’t be ready until 2021 while thousands more die with no treatment? Why would they ignore a possible treatment that’s available now? I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but could you imagine how much money a drug company like Moderna will make off of the COVID vaccine when it comes out? Could you imagine how much power you would have if you had close ties to a company with a vaccine? Could you imagine how many freedoms people would be willing to give up if they knew that they could get a vaccination? Once again, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but this is just some food for thought.

I don’t know why experts and political leaders would ignore a possible treatment. It could be that they’re just oblivious. They might think that it will benefit them in an election year. It could be that they’re corrupt with dark intentions, but whatever the reason, people at the top have ignored a possible treatment. They have let thousands of people die when hydroxychloroquine might have prevented it. I wonder how those leaders would feel if they were sick with COVID and not allowed to take any experimental treatment that could save their life.

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